Professional Immigration

Canada, Australia and New Zealand publish every year updated "Skills Shortage" lists. These lists may contain up to hundreds various occupations, which are currently in shortage in those countries. Applicants with proven experience in such occupations may apply for skilled migration for these countries, with or without a job offer. Immigration authorities of Canada, Australia and New Zealand operate a complex point-based system in order to determine the best combination of education, work experience, language skills, age and adaptability of prospective applicants and select the best and the brightest.


Every year, thousands of students go to study abroad at language schools, colleges, universities and other higher education institutions. Several countries have post-study visas for students, who graduate from courses on a specific level in certain institutions. Such visas allow graduates to look for jobs in their destination country and eventually to become permanent residents and citizens.

Business Immigration

Business migration categories in United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, United States and Hong Kong are designed to contribute to economic growth of these countries, attracting individuals and companies with "smart" capital and business expertise, and enabling experienced business people to buy or establish businesses in the destination country. There are different categories, usually known as Entrepreneur or Investor visas, depending on the available working capital. The required investment amounts and application processes vary from country to country.

Dependant Visas

There are several categories of citizens and immigrants, who are allowed to bring their dependants with them. In most cases these would be married or unmarried partners, children, fiancées, in some cases even parents. The rules vary from country to country and we need to learn your particular situation in order to assess your chances to bring your dependants to the country of your destination.

Tourist / Visitor Visas

We offer assistance with applications for visitor visas for United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Schengen countries.

Employment Visas

If you have found an employer abroad and you need our assistance with the processing of your employment visa, we will be glad to assist. Please note that we are not a recruitment agency and we cannot assist you with finding an employer abroad.