Tokyo Riverside School

Tokyo Riverside School is one of the most famous schools for learning Japanese language. The school is located at Asakusa, a major sightseeing spot where you can find Japanese culture close by. You can find Sensouji temple and the Sumida River near the school.

Easy access to cherry blossom viewing party at the riverside, Sanja Festival Sumida River Fireworks, and Yabusame, which is a horse back archery performance And Asakusa is a traditional town where you can find Jinrikisha (rickshaw) and Sumo wrestlers in a lot of places. Also, you can see the Tokyo Sky Tree Tower from our school. This Tower is on the opposite shore of the Sumida River and now under construction. It is the latest sightseeing spot and you must see it.

To experience true unique Japanese culture and learning the language, Tokyo Riverside School offers the student with comfort environment and activities to learn about the culture.

Work permit

Students are allowed to work 28 hours per week during studies

Work visa

Upon graduation it is possible to find a job and get a work visa